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"The beauty in nature..."

Under the category of 'Religion', my kindergarten teacher wrote on my report card: "Ron has an appreciation for the beauty in nature and colour in art." Funny. Some 45 plus years later, that very same childhood wonderment for the natural world astounds me each and every day. I should mention it was also noted somewhere that I play well with others and put my toys away when finished. 

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, I ventured west to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design. A strong foundation in Visual Communications led to many years of experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. 

More recently, my medium of choice is photography. And with that, the flood gates have opened. With the mountains to the west and prairies to the east, Calgary and area offer an abundance of resources for subject matter. 

My goal is to uncover the extra something that lies beneath the surface of the photograph. With birds and wildlife, I try to capture each subject as an individual within a species; a characteristic, a habit, or how it relates to it's habitat. With landscape it's all about the mood of the day. 

I would like to add, all my subjects are wild and baiting is not an option. The well being of all creatures comes before the photograph. 

It is a very rare day that I'm not out photographing one thing or another. Please, take a scroll through the gallery to see what I've been up to and feel free to contact me anytime.


Profession Photographers of Canada accredited.